A job change. Marriage. A baby on the way. Divorce. Death. Just tired of renting. The truth is, people sell their homes for a variety of reasons every day. The following are some common reasons you might contemplate selling your Havasu home right now.

There are many reasons why you decide to sell your Havasu home sooner rather than later. Some of these reasons might surprise you.

Reasons Why You Should Sell Your Havasu Home

It's a Seller's Market

Search Lake Havasu homes for saleCurrently, our local real estate market favors sellers...a lot. So, it's a great time to sell your Havasu home. However, keep in mind that the new home you're going to be looking for will also cost more money than before. If you have enough equity in your current property, it helps offset the higher cost of a new home.

Struggling to Make Mortgage Payments

Having trouble making your mortgage payment each month? It could be time to downsize. To do that, you'll need to sell your Havasu home now. Again, Lake Havasu is experiencing a seller's market. So, you'll probably sell your home pretty quickly. However, smaller homes have a higher price point than they did in the past. 

You Need a Change

You've lived in your home for five or ten years. You're due for a change. Experts believe you should spend at least five years in your home before you sell it. Why? You'll have built up a good chunk of equity. Initially, most of your mortgage payment goes towards interest. The longer you're in your house, the more you pay down the principal. That helps build equity. Expecting a baby? Your house can only accommodate so many people living under one roof. If your family is continuing to expand, it might be time to sell your current property and find a bigger one.

High Maintenance Property

Do you own an older property that needs constant care? Tired of shelling out thousands of dollars each year to maintain it? It might be time to sell your Havasu home. Trade it in on a newly constructed home or a condo. Less maintenance, less headache.

Consider the pros and cons before you sell your Havasu home. Yes, buyer demand is high. But so are prices. Havasu homes in the "affordable" range might be scarcer than they were before, but they do exist. Contact me as soon as possible. I'd be happy to help you sell your current home and find a new one.

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