Selling your home can be stressful, especially during the holidays Knowing what you should do when selling your home helps relieve some of this stress. However, it's equally important to know what not to do when selling your Havasu home. Here's some helpful tips to make your home sale process run a little smoother.

Knowing what NOT to do when selling your Havasu home can be equally as important as knowing what TO do.

What NOT to Do When Selling Your Home

Make it Difficult for Showings

Click here to search homes for sale in Lake Havasu CityLook, I understand that you live a hectic life. But if you want to sell your Havasu home, you need to make it available to show at any time. A REALTOR@ may call you up with only a few minutes notice to let you know a potential buyer is on their way to look at your home. It needs to be show ready at all times. And then, you need to disappear. Helicoptering owners make buyers nervous.

Hold Back on Disclosing Information

Sure, there are a few things Havasu homeowners aren't required by law to disclose. These include if there was a death on the property, if there are any known sex offenders in the area or if a previous owner was diagnosed or exposed to HIV or AIDS. If a buyer asks about any of these things, you can say that you don't legally have to answer the question. Unfortunately, this may be interpreted as an acknowledgment that these things actually DID happen. It's best to disclose what you do know if asked. And it's OK to say that you don't know if, in fact, you don't.

What things DO you need to disclose? Pest issues, water leaks (including the roof), electrical issues, scorpion problems, plumbing problems, pool or spa issues, noise pollution, etc. If your Havasu home was built prior to 1978, you must disclose any information you have about lead-based paint used in construction if you have it. Basically, everything you must tell the seller will be put into your Residential Seller's Property Disclosure Statement, aka "spuds". Your Havasu REALTOR@ can answer any questions you may have about it. If there's an issue that you don't disclose, the buyer could come back and sue you for it. So, err on the side of caution.

Avoiding Cleaning Up and Decluttering

This needs to be done right away. Dirt, smudges, clutter, and other miscellaneous brick-a-brack show up in photos. And your Havasu REALTOR@ will be taking plenty of photos to post online. That's because buyers turn to the internet first before they go looking in real life. So make sure your Havasu home shines from top to bottom before any pictures are taken. And close your toilet lid. This may sound silly, but nothing ruins a pristine bathroom photo like an open toilet lid.

By heeding this advice on what not to do when selling your Havasu home, you'll lessen your stress during the sale process. And, you'll showcase your home to its fullest potential, bringing in top dollar. Contact me when you're ready to put your home on the market.

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