When you live in the desert, swimming pools almost feel like a necessity. Many Havasu homes include pools. But, your property does not. Now, you wish you had one, especially with triple-digit temperatures every single summer day. But, will a swimming pool increase your Havasu home value? There's no simple answer to that question.

Will building a swimming pool increase your Havasu home value? Probably. But you most likely won't receive a 100% return on your investment.

Swimming Pools and Your Havasu Home Value

Search Havasu homes for saleAll homeowners should keep this in mind. You most likely will not recoup the entire cost of your pool when it comes time to sell your home. Some experts say that, at most, you might see a 7% increase in your Havasu home value. But, that's if you're lucky. So, technically, yes, your value could go up when you install the pool. You just need to determine if the cost to build and maintain it is worth it.

How to Decide Whether or Not to Build a Swimming Pool

First of all, do the majority of homes in your neighborhood have pools? If you plan on selling your home one day, you might want to consider installing a pool to keep up with the competition. On the flip side, if no one else has a pool, installing one won't necessarily be worth the investment. Talk to your real estate agent to see whether they see value in it or not.

Secondly, do you have room for a pool? What size? Pools shouldn't take up the entire yard area. If it cannot accommodate both a pool and an entertainment/play/lounging area, then a pool might not work.

Finally, what's your budget like? A basic, no-frills 600 square foot concrete pool runs around $30,000. If you plan on sprucing it up with a waterfall, natural surround, lighting, spa, etc., you can easily spend upwards of $100,000. And this is what's popular in today's market. But you are unlikely to recoup anywhere close to that amount of money when you sell it. 

Bottom line, if you really want a pool and you can afford the pool, build the pool. But don't expect a 100% return on investment. Whether or not it increases your Havasu home value, there is some intrinsic value in creating a place where you and your family can relax and feel comfortable. Just don't break the bank to do it.

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