5 ways to raise your home's value:

1.  Clean up, clear out: get rid of clutter, grime and smells.

     When having an open house be sure to open curtains & blinds to make the home look bigger & brighter.

2.  Spruce up the kitchen: new paint, updated cabinet hardware can add a fresh look.

3.  Freshen up the bath:  Buyers like to see a well maintained house.  New fixtures & a new mirror can brighten the room and make it more appealing.

4.  Paint rooms:  A fresh coat of paint can transform a room.  You don't need to pain the whole house.  Kitchens & baths is helpful.  Also paint any bright walls.  A neutral palette allows buyers to focus on the home's attributes.

5.  Enhance the exterior:  Trimming the landscape is helpful and any making minor repairs such as repairing the stucco where is has been damaged.  Also make sure the roof is in good shape as buyers are sure to look at that area also.