You're selling your Lake Havasu home and moving on. One of the biggest chores involved with a home sale has to be the packing. You'll be surprised how much stuff you managed to accumulate over the time you lived in your home. My Lake Havasu home packing tip shows you how to separate the "must keeps" from the "must toss".

My Lake Havasu packing tip is to go through your things before you pack to decide what you should keep and what you can toss.

Lake Havasu Home Packing Tip: What to Keep and What to Toss Before a Move


First, tackle your closets. Take out anything that doesn't fit. If you haven't worn it in the last year, it needs to go away. It's just taking up valuable real estate inside your closet. Same goes for your dresser drawers. Also, get rid of any shoes that you never wore because they hurt when you walk in them. Go through the kids' closets and dressers to get rid of any clothes they have outgrown or play clothes that have seen better days. Only keep what you and your family actually wear each week and is presentable in appearance.

Old Furniture

Search Lake Havasu homes for saleNext, take a look at your furniture. You've been living with the scratched up, smelly old couches and chairs and battered dining room set so you could save up for your new Lake Havasu home. New home, new furniture, right? Now's a great time to toss the old stuff. Then, you won't have to move it. However, if you can't afford to outfit the new home with new furniture right away, you might want to keep it for a bit.


You've probably heard that you should keep important paperwork like income tax returns and receipts for seven years. But that's not necessarily the case anymore. According to financial guru Suze Orman, some items you keep forever (marriage license, birth certificates, wills, etc.), some things you keep only while they are still active (property records, stocks/bonds/IRA/401k records, insurance docs) and some you can toss after as little as a month. Read more about what you need to save and for how long in Suze's Financial Solutions for You: Managing Debt. Whatever you don't need, shred and toss into the recycling bin.

Family Heirlooms/Mementos

Finally, the most difficult decision to make may be whether or not to keep family heirlooms and mementos. Even if they don't hold financial value, you can't really put a price on their sentimental value. One great idea I've seen to reduce the amount of children's artwork on your walls or refrigerator without actually tossing these pieces out altogether is to get a digital photo frame. You can upload dozens of photos of your kids' artwork and display them prominently in your new Lake Havasu home. A harder issue may be grandma's china that you never use. Or, that Victorian chair that sat in great grandma's living room but doesn't quite fit with your design aesthetic. If no one else in the family wants these things either, it may be time to get rid of them.

In conclusion, my Lake Havasu home packing tip is simply this. If you don't use it, get rid of it before you move. You don't want to take it with you just to have it take up space in the new home. Now, this doesn't necessarily mean you should toss it all. Some things can be sold. Others can be donated. Still others can be gifted away. Whatever's left should then be tossed out. The sooner you start, the easier it will be. Good luck!

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