Owning a Lake Havasu home comes with responsibilities. For example, you can no longer call your landlord to fix a leaky faucet. You're the landlord now. It's easy to shirk off seemingly small problems for a later time, especially if you're trying not to spend money. But there are a few home repairs that need to be addressed right away. Otherwise, you end up spending much more money on a larger issue down the road.

Owning a Lake Havasu home comes with certain responsibilities. Some home repairs you might be able to put off for a little while. Others, however, require immediate attention.

Home Repairs That Just Can't Wait

Leaky Faucets

Search Lake Havasu homes for saleAnd speaking of leaky faucets, this is one of the home repairs that needs addressing right away. But good news. You won't need a pro to take care of this problem. Replacing the washers and O-rings takes only a few minutes. Take note of the brand of faucet you own. Then, go to your local home improvement store and purchase a replacement kit. Easy!

Running Toilet

Another seemingly small yet irritating issue is a toilet that never stops running. This wastes a ton of water. Again, home repairs like this one are so simple that you can do it yourself. Back to the home improvement store with you. This time, go to the plumbing section and pick up a flapper and fill valve replacement kit. They cost around $10-$15 and take only a few minutes to swap out.

Peeling Caulk

Do you see peeling caulk around your windows, sinks or tub? It should be replaced right away. Luckily, you can tackle this simple home repair yourself, too. Scrape off all the old, peeling, cracked caulking with a putty knife. Then, clean the area really well with some mineral spirits to clear off any small debris and create a clean surface. Finally, run a bead of caulking where the old one was. Voila!

Water Spots/Stains

Water again? I'm sensing a theme here. Water can be one of the most destructive forces on earth. In the desert, water's an especially precious commodity. Wasting it feels like a sin. If you're seeing water spots or stains on the ceiling or walls of your Lake Havasu home, that could be indicative of a leaky pipe inside the walls. Unfortunately, you're going to need to call in the pros for this one. But don't hesitate. The longer water is allowed to leak inside your walls, the worse off you'll be. Moisture buildup leads to mildew and mold issues not to mention the continued destruction of the pipes themselves.

Disheveled Deck

Let's not forget the exterior of your Havasu home. Wooden decks take a beating from the desert sun. Rotten or worn out boards need to be replaced. If you seal your deck, it should be redone every year. Transparent and semi-transparent stains also need to be resealed every year. A solid stain or paint lasts about four or five years before needing a new coat. And if your concrete patio looks a little worn out, it might need to be resealed as well.

Clogged Gutters

We may not receive a ton of rain each year in the desert, but debris still builds up in our gutters. They should be checked at least twice a year (beginning of fall and beginning of spring). Clear out all the debris. Gutters direct water off of the roof and away from your foundation. If the gutters are blocked, water pools up on the roof. This could weaken your roof to the point that water creeps into your home or a hole opens up due to the weight of the stagnant water. A periodic check of your gutters helps avoid this issue.

Critter Control

Finally...the critters. Termites cause the biggest headaches in the shortest amount of time. If you see any signs of termite damage, contact an exterminator right away. This is one home repair you definitely don't want to put off.

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