Everyone loves a bargain. And those that can get in on a deal before anyone else makes it even more interesting. Hiring a great real estate agent first makes all the difference. Discuss how they plan to market your home. But you don't have to place all the selling responsibilities on your agent's shoulders. You can help market your Havasu home before its official debut as well. It's easier than you think.

Find out how you can create a buzz for your Havasu home before it even hits the market. Help your agent help you sell your home.

How to Create Buzz for Your Havasu Home Before it Hits the Market

Coming Soon

Search Havasu homes for saleCreate buzz for your Havasu home by putting up a "coming soon" sign. Many buyers like to drive around neighborhoods they're interested in living in to look for homes for sale. By adding a "coming soon" sign to your yard, you let them know that they should add your home to the list. Your agent may have one of their own official "coming soon" signs you can use. Or, you can always post one of your own. Whatever gets a potential buyer's attention works just fine.

Word of Mouth

Next, start talking to friends, relatives, and co-workers about how you are going to be listing your Havasu home to sell soon. Use your social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.). Join local community forums like Next Door. Add photos that your friends and family can easily share with others that might be interested. Of course, leave out any personal information to help maintain your family's safety. And keep valuables out of the photos for security reasons as well.

Preview of Coming Attractions

After that, create buzz for your Havasu home by planning a preview party. You cannot hold an official open house until your home goes on the market. But, a little pre-listing party isn't out of line. Find out when other homes in your neighborhood are holding open houses. That way you know that there will be more traffic in the area. 

Talk to Your Loan Officer

Finally, talk to your loan officer about partnering up on your listing. This benefits both of you. They get to drum up more business for their company while you receive free advertisement to their clients. It's a win-win for all parties. Your agent may already have someone they have worked with in the past, though. So make sure you talk to them first. 

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