You understand the benefits of selling your Havasu home in early 2018 rather than waiting. That's why you should never underestimate the power of an open house. Some buyers may not have representation. Even if they do, they might just want to take a look inside of a property on their own time. Make sure your agent schedules regular open houses while your home is on the market. They'll handle the advertising. But you can help get ready for your Havasu open house by performing a few necessary tasks.

Performing these simple tasks will help make your Havasu open house a success.

Getting Ready for Your Havasu Open House

Search homes for sale in Lake Havasu CitySome of the things you need to do to get ready for an open house are the same things you need to do before you list your Lake Havasu home. But even after the initial chores are through, old habits creep back into your daily lives. You'll need to perform maintenance throughout the entire home sale process to make sure your home is show ready on a dime.

Clear the Space

Before you even list, you should have done a deep cleaning, decluttered your walls and shelves, and depersonalized your home. However, it's easy to let things go when you run a busy household. Take a walk throughout your home before your Havasu open house. Pick up clothes and toys and make sure they get put back where they belong. Children's artwork on the fridge needs to get stored in a file in your office for now. Take out the trash. Clean the floors. And don't forget to wash your windows. Dust builds up quickly when you live in the desert. The natural light won't flow freely through a dirty window.

Oil the Squeaks & Fix the Broken

As I said before, small chores reap big rewards when it comes to selling your home. Squeaky doors, rusty hinges, broken doorbells, burnt light bulbs. These all may seem like small potatoes to you. But, buyers notice them. If you haven't managed to take care of the little things, what other bigger problems might be lurking around? Take a moment to make any and all repairs you can before your Havasu open house commences.

Pump Up the Curb Appeal

You only have one chance to make a first impression. The first impression buyers have when coming to your Havasu open house is the one they see when they drive up. If your curb appeal is lacking, change that. Add colorful plants. Maybe think about adding some different colored rocks. Decorative mulch creates another layer to your lawn's appeal. Prune trees and bushes. Make sure that there is a clear path to your front door. Add potted plants in large colorful pots on your front porch. Change out the old welcome mat for a new one. There are several ways you can spruce up the exterior to make it more inviting.

Hide Your Valuables

It would be wonderful if we could leave our valuables out without worrying about sticky fingers. But we can't. Buyers look through everything. While a rare occurrence, crafty criminals may visit open houses looking for an opportunity to steal jewelry, checkbooks, bank statements, etc. Remove any valuable jewelry, family heirlooms, laptops, iPads, iPods, financial information, and even medication from your home during your open house. Store them in a safe, at your place of business, or even the trunk of your car anytime your home is being toured by strangers. And make sure your computer is locked with a password or some form of identity protection so no one can access it. It's always better to be safe than sorry.

Have any questions about what you should do to get ready for your Havasu open house? Contact me. I'm always happy to help.

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