Buying a home takes time, patience, and a bit of homework. You've determined what you can afford. You saved up money and explored your down payment assistance options. This is going to be the year that you become a new homeowner. When it comes to Havasu house hunting, size actually matters. Too big of a house and you'll be overwhelmed. Too small of a house and you'll be on the hunt for a new home before you know it. You need a home that fits perfectly into your lifestyle. But how do you know what size that may be?

When Havasu house hunting, size matters. You want a home that fits your lifestyle, whether that includes a growing family, caring for an elderly relative, working from home or regularly entertaining.

Havasu House Hunting: Size Matters

Your Stage in Life

Search homes for sale in Lake Havasu City, AZWhen you go about doing your Havasu house hunting, keep in mind your current stage in life. Also, look at where you plan on being in the next five, ten or even 20 years. Is this the house that gets you through that entire time or will you probably move on to something else? A single person's needs are different from those of a new family. The same goes for a growing family and empty nesters. If you want a home to grow into, you might want to look at a slightly larger house than you originally thought. However, when the kids fly the coop, it might be time to downsize. More rooms make sense for growing families. But less is more after the kids move out.


Another thing to keep in mind when Havasu house hunting is whether you like to entertain or not. An open concept keeps the host in the middle of the action while taking care of his or her guests. A smaller home easily accommodates having a few friends over every once in a while. But, if you entertain larger groups on a regular basis, a small home feels cramped with more bodies inside. Do you have a large family? Is Sunday dinner a major deal in your house? Make sure the kitchen and dining room hold everyone comfortably.

Working from Home

Let's say you're a family of four. Three bedrooms ensure everyone has their own space. However, you also work from home. In order to write off your home office on your taxes, you need to have a dedicated space for it. Therefore, you might need to look at four bedroom homes or, at the very least, three bedrooms plus a den that can be utilized as office space. Don't sell yourself short by purchasing a smaller three bedroom home and then have to scramble to find usable office space somewhere. Also, if you entertain out-of-town guests on a regular basis, an extra room might be a good thing to have.

Caring for Your Elderly Parents

Finally, are you planning on moving your elderly parents back into your house so you can care for them? More and more people are doing this nowadays. You may want to replace your two-story home with a single-story one. Another option would be to find a multi-story home with a main floor bedroom that includes its own en-suite bathroom for privacy. Casitas make great "mother-in-law" suites. They allow your parents to maintain their sense of independence but still be close enough for you to provide assistance when needed. Expand your Havasu house hunting options to include space for your elderly relatives if necessary.

For some, bigger is better. For others, less is more. When Havasu house hunting, size matters. Contact me when you're ready to start the search for your next Havasu home.

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