This year seems to by flying by so fast. We're already in March. This means we have just over five weeks before the deadline to file our taxes (April 17th, 2018). If you're a Havasu homeowner and expect to receive a refund this year, you might want to use it to make some improvements to your home. Here are a few ideas (both big and small) about where your money will stretch the furthest.

Whether it's $100 or $5000, Havasu homeowners can use their tax refund to invest in several different home improvement projects to increase their home's value.

Havasu Homeowners: Where to Spend Your Tax Refund

Small Home Improvements

Search homes for sale in Lake HavasuOne small way that Havasu homeowners can improve the look of their home is by adding or replacing pulls and knobs on your cabinetry. Your local home improvement store offers dozens of choices at various prices. And you'd be surprised how different your kitchen will look with this quick weekend update. Another smart thing to do would be to use your tax refund for servicing her HVAC system. Anyone who's lived in Lake Havasu for any length of time knows that it gets really hot here in the summer. Before our temperatures start to creep up, make sure your air conditioning unit is functioning properly. You don't want to have to worry about fixing or replacing it after we hit triple digits. Another relatively easy and inexpensive way to improve the look of your Havasu home is by sealing the driveway. This protects it from cracking and regular wear and tear.

Medium Home Improvements

Getting a slightly larger refund? Another way to give your kitchen a makeover without spending thousands of dollars on a complete remodel is by adding a backsplash. Freshen up your entire home by adding a new coat of paint to interior walls. A gallon of paint costs approximately $30 per gallon and can be customized to whatever color you want. Each gallon covers roughly 350 square feet of area. Make sure you use a primer, too. Or, lower your utility bills and increase your efficiency by adding insulation to your attic.

Large Home Improvements

Expect $1000 or more? Update your old appliances with newer, more energy-efficient models. Retile the bathroom floor. Change out your worn out front door. For a little more money, get rid of tiled or laminate counter tops and replace them with granite, quartz or soapstone for a more modern look. One often overlooked area for home improvements is the garage door. It's also one of the best returns on investment you'll have as a homeowner (you recoup 98% of your cost through added home value).

All of these either help boost your Havasu home value or, at the very least, improve your life in some way or another. Instead of blowing your tax refund on a silly shopping trip, why not invest it back into your home? It'll pay off when you decide to sell it in the future.

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